a recipe for time

“i don’t have time for that.”  we all say it.  what we’re really saying is “i don’t care to make the effort.” so, today i don’t have time to worry about capitalizing my letters.  i’ve been cooking myself a decent breakfast and, as usual, it took longer than expected.


doesn’t it look delicious though?  it was, and it was real food, which is my favorite part.  i don’t have time to do this every morning and neither do many of you, so here’s what i’ve done in the past.

you’ll need a mixing bowl, a dozen or however many eggs, and whatever else you want to put in your eggs.  that’s it.  i like to put a little cheese in.  sometimes a lot.  be bold and make your own decisions.

crack all the eggs, stir all the other stuff in, and pour it into your pan.  bake it for a while and you have breakfast for 1-5 days depending on your appetite and/or self control.  i’m no chef, i don’t remember how long you bake it, but man is it good when its done.  just keep an eye on it.

that reminds me, the best part is that in one swift move you’ve eliminated 75% of your stand-in-front-of-the-stove-like-an-idiot time.  good for you!


you don’t have time to eat breakfast?  i don’t have time for that excuse.

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