Cheerleading Catastrophe

“Cheerleading accounts for more than half of catastrophic injuries to girl athletes”

Read the article above and you’ll see that there are a lot of young athletes in the Woodlands that are ticking time bombs for injury. The competitive cheer atmosphere up here keeps them on the move, and with the stress of school some can have a hard time recovering. Add in a suboptimal diet and growth spurts, and injuries are pretty much a guarantee. Throw in the random concussion from time to time and you may even find yourself second-guessing how safe the sport can really be.

My style of coaching allows me the versatility to train young athletes depending on their individual needs. The difference between classmates, teammates, and even siblings’ growth rates and skill acquisition can vary widely, and using a broad approach to conditioning, stretching, and movement coaching for an entire team can inevitably expose weak points in the training process. With children having reconstructive knee surgeries, you need someone trained in the management of all the knee’s subtle motions to ensure the integrity of the joint is maintained through puberty and beyond.  This type of coaching, unfortunately, is not widely available.

The first step in any program I write is to find and build awareness. You can’t change anything unless you are aware of its presence. I know too many local youth that continue to experience the same injuries while doing what they love, and that demonstrates to me a lack of awareness to the problem. This can literally cause a lifetime of pain. In my mind, it is worth it to me to take the steps to train your child (or yourself) in the right movements so they don’t spend their life’s energy fighting their own alignment. When you think about it in those terms, it really brings you to awareness.

A coaching session with Antidote can be your first step to building it. I utilize a number of exercise techniques to build awareness, rehabilitate injuries (even concussions), and strengthen and stabilize joints through ELDOA and more. I’m not a miracle worker, but my clients do recover faster. Call me at (281) 803-9930 for more information.